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Sue Samaniego

Solutions for Authentic Living and Leading


The Corner of Wild and Free is a place where you are free to be your complete self. It is a place I struggled to find for many years, but once I found it, I refused to leave. The name was inspired by this corner of the lean-to in my back yard. It is the only place I could put both words where they did not blow off or flip in the wind. It spoke to me about the importance of finding your perfect place.

During a deep bout of depression, I battled suicidal thoughts and self-destructive behaviors. With the guidance of a professional therapist and the help of medication, I found my Corner. The deep self-reflection, creative expression, and learning of this process set me forward on the path of authenticity and self-reflection. (If you are ever in this place, please seek professional help! I am here because I got it.)

I now support others in owning their authentic selves and bringing their uniqueness out into the world by providing fun and meaningful ways to rediscover their true self and remove the masks of “should”.

Honest self-reflection and a deep respect for individual gifts form the basis of my work. If you really want to live and work from a place of authenticity, you are in the right place.


Authentic Living Coaching and Workshops

I provide personal coaching, workshops, and retreats focused on self-awareness and -reflection. Knowing yourself is the basis of living your most authentic life, building a career you love, and feeling whole and at home with yourself in all aspects of your life.

Team Building

Using self-awareness and self-reflection techniques, I help teams work better together. I specialize in working with non-profit teams and boards, with an emphasis on small and rural nonprofits. Book a workshop or retreat for a customized program to fit your needs.

Speaker Requests

I am available as a speaker on a variety of topics from authentic living, to communication styles, team building, nonprofit board building, and more.

MBTI-Based Coaching

As a Certified MBTI facilitator, I can provide access to the assessment, and provide feedback and coaching to help you bring out your best, develop your leadership and interpersonal skills, and help guide your self-awareness and personal growth according to your own needs and interests.


Sue put together such a thoughtful retreat experience that allowed us the space and time to truly explore within. I am personally so grateful for how considerate and patient she is as a facilitator in challenging us to go deeper. This experience will stay with me for many years to come…and I would participate again! This time together was such a gift!

Jaime MC, non-profit professional

This retreat was an amazing way to gain insights into your personality and do some real self-discovery work, all while being in an environment that is comfortable and inclusive – it made sharing parts of yourself so much easier! The best thing I gained from this retreat was motivation and “permission” to do the things I have been working toward.

Ashley T, entrepreneur

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