Valuing Yourself

A woman sits at a table looking pensive and writing in a journal.

An excellent place to start reflecting on who you are at your core is to look at your core values. Most of us believe we know what we value, but unless you take a close look at how those values show up in your life, you may not realize that either they really aren’t your core values or you aren’t living your core values.

There are many resources out there for core values work. One of my favorites is Scott Jeffrey’s 7 Steps to Determining your Core Values. Through a series of seven steps, he guides you through a process of listing many values, grouping similar values according to themes, determining your top values, defining your core values, and determining their validity. At this point, you are challenged to determine if you are living your values and develop a plan for improving how your values show up in your daily life.

In April, I took a group of board members through this process during a retreat. We completed steps 1-5 then determined how their core values played into their work on the board. It was a powerful experience that brought us together as a group and helped us reflect on our lives in general. This one activity touched every one of my core values.

I have spent years reflecting on my strengths and goals, but until I added in my core values, I was haphazardly jumping from idea to idea without a purpose. What are my core values? Purpose. Growth. Connection. Empowerment. Integrity.

My core values: purpose, growth, connection, empowerment, integrity

Sue Samaniego, Corner of Wild and Free

It is my hope that, through this blog and all of the projects at the Corner of Wild and Free, I will be able to share these with you and help you connect with your true self.

Value yourself! Take some time to discover your core values and let me know yours in the comment section.


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