5 great online tools for learning about yourself

Me being me.

I have always been interested in the “what kind of ____ are you?” quizzes. I started out with the kind you would find in magazines back in the 80’s and 90’s, then found the stream of Facebook quiz links. Even now, it is hard for me not to click on every quiz link I see, but I try to limit myself to more useful tools that also don’t have as many security risks.

Today I am sharing some of my favorite places to learn more about yourself. Some are free. Some are not, but I let you know in the description. Enjoy!

  1. The 16 Personalities Test: A free test based on the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). After completing the questionnaire, you will get a detailed description of your “type” that touches on personal strengths, career, relationships, family, and other important areas. I am constantly asking friends of mine to complete this assessment. No one has ever told me they got nothing out of it. (I am a MBTI geek and will be getting certified in October!) I am INTJ – The Architect.
  2. Enneagram Test: This version of the Enneagram test is free to get your basic results (which numbers are your highest), but payment is required to get the full results. The good news is that you don’t have to pay for the full results if you are willing to do a little Googling afterward. You can type in (Enneagram 7 or whatever your highest number is to read descriptions. Check out your top 2 and see which feel closest.) I’m a 7 or a 5 depending on which measure I have used. I see bits of me in both, but feel closest to a 7.
  3. Personal Values Assessment: This measure is a bit different than doing the values work I wrote about last week. You choose your top values from a list (take your time before you choose! Once you click the requisite number of values it moves on and you can’t revise them.) and you will receive a report that tells about where you are and how to develop yourself according to your values.
  4. Clifton Strengths Finder: In this assessment, you are provided with groups of two statements (both of which you may find to be true about yourself) and you choose which one describes you best. Your results show which of 34 strengths areas are your top 5. This assessment requires a payment to complete ($19.99 for your top 5 strengths, and $49.99 for a more in-depth report). Both reports provide great insights into your strengths, how these strengths may show up in your daily life, and how focusing on your strengths can improve your life and work performance. My top 5: Strategic, Input, Learner, Relator, Maximizer.
  5. Communication Style Assessment: Okay, so this one actually requires paper and pencil, but it is found online. For each sentence pair, choose the one that best describes you. Score using the included worksheet and you get your style. The final pages provide both descriptions of each of the styles and ways to communicate well with those who have that style. My style: Innovator with a close second in Energizer.

Knowing yourself well lets you be your best self. Let me know what you think about these tools. Have other tools you like? Please share them in the comments section below.

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