Giving yourself

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Considering what I do for a living, it is not surprising that the topic of giving would come up in my blog. Giving forms the basis of who I am. While giving time, skills, knowledge, attention, advice, and/or money to better the world is important, what I am talking about today is giving yourself.

First, give to yourself. Give yourself the love you give to your friends and family. Take compliments gracefully. Don’t be your own critic. One of my best friends says, “Don’t talk about my friend like that,” when I put myself down in front of her. It’s such a great way to remind me to treat myself like someone I love. Before you can be your authentic self, you have to love yourself, even your not-perfect pieces.

Listen to your inner voice, when it says you deserve more. When it says something is not right for you. Your inner voice can help you determine what you really want if you learn to listen to its wisdom. Spending time journaling your thoughts in a quiet space can improve your attention to your inner voice. I began journaling when I was in therapy for depression. Putting my thoughts on paper, particularly the ugly ones, helped me determine what I really wanted out of my life. It takes time and commitment to learn, but you are worth the effort.

It’s time to give yourself. You are your greatest gift. No one can be you except you. You are important. You have worth. You have a lot to give this world. Don’t be selfish, now!

*****FYI, if you are looking for a good book to read, I recommend The Power of Giving: How Giving Back Enriches Us All by Azim Jamal and Harvey McKinnon.

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